Jack Information

Be advised: Jack

If you have received a phone call from a person, known only as Jack, this information is for you.

How to recognize Jack:

Reports of Jack’s calls consist of a varying voice that gives orders, instructions, or nonsense.  His voice is usually accompanied with a moderate to high amount of static and indistinguishable noises.  He consistently urges his listeners to listen more carefully to understand him.


Once Jack calls you, he usually doesn’t stop. There is no consistency to the timing of the calls however, making him rather unpredictable as to when he will contact you.  Blocking his number does not work, since he always calls from a different number.  If you receive a call from an unknown number, DO NOT ANSWER IT.  Prolonged exposure to Jack’s calls seems to have some sort of long-term psychotropic effect on his victims, driving them mad.  Jack’s calls spread like a virus, infecting contacts of his victims when they call them.

Precautions to take:

There are two priorities in dealing with Jack, safety and containment.  To these ends, it is in your best interests to follow these instructions

1.  If you are contacted by Jack, disconnect your line.  Consider it infected.  Any calls you make out to others only risks infecting them as well, and any calls you receive from Jack are a danger to yourself.  It may seem extreme to disconnect your phone line, but it is the best way to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you.  The infectious nature of Jack’s calls seem to only affect the lines themselves and not the people who use them.  So it is safe to use other, uninfected phone lines, such as pay phones or otherwise confirmed safe land lines.

2.  If someone you know has been called by Jack, refer them to instruction 1.  Tell them to disconnect their line and to not call you or anyone else until this matter is resolved.

3.  Consider allowing Sardic Investigations to tap your phone line if you are infected.  Several lines are already being monitored, but the more lines being covered, the more information I will have on Jack, and the faster I will be able to resolve this growing problem.

4.  If you learn anything about Jack, or have any info you think may be useful, bring it to Sardic Investigations.  DO NOT attempt to deal with the matter or find Jack yourself.  He is clearly dangerous and far-reaching in his influence.  Jack may be an organization, or an Outsider, neither of which an unequipped person should go after.  The most helpful thing you can do is bring any information to the place where everything is being coordinated.

5. Be careful. If you receive a call from Jack, immediately hang up and disconnect your phone line.  As soon as a call from Jack comes through on one of our tapped phone lines, I will post a recording of it on this site so you can know what to listen for.



Jack’s Call

We finally got caught a break in the case.  Jack called one of the tapped lines.  The following is a recording of a call from Jack to one of my clients.


If you get a call that sounds anything like this, hang up immediately!

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